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8 Ways to Make Money with Pinterest In 2022

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? The visual search engine that enables users to discover and save images has become something of a global phenomenon. But while plenty of people use the site to follow their favorite designers, artists and home décor bloggers, far fewer see it as an opportunity to make money from home. If you have a visual eye, an interest in fashion and the ability to research new trends, the world of making money with Pinterest is still new enough that there aren’t too many people doing it yet. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a bit closer look at some interesting ways you can monetize your love of fashion with this social media platform.

Run a Blog

If you really want to make some decent money with Pinterest, you’ll need to start a blog! This may even be one of the easiest, if not the easiest, ways to monetize your Pinterest account, and all you really need to get started is a computer and an internet connection. You can write about anything you want – but, for the most part, you’ll want to write about fashion. If you love fashion, you can’t go wrong with this blogging method. You can write about new trends, DIY fashion projects and looks from the runway that you think your readers can replicate. This is also a good way for you to find your voice as a blogger, learn how to grow your readership and get used to the process of creating content and publishing regularly.

Promote Products

If you have a knack for finding and sourcing trendy products, Pinterest can be a great place to promote them. Whether it’s a new pair of earrings that are currently trending or a vintage-inspired bag, you’ll want to find products that are already trending on the site and get in touch with the vendor. You can either pay the vendor to pin their products on your Pinterest page, or you can approach them and ask to be added as a promoter. Be sure to check the terms of service for the platform before doing this, as some companies prohibit this practice. Once you’ve found some products to merchandise on your page, keep the images fresh. Switch up the images every few days to keep your followers engaged and coming back for more.

Become an Influencer

Being an influencer on Pinterest is all about finding a niche and building a large following around it. If you’re a fashion blogger, this might mean finding a specific style of clothing and then reviewing the latest trends. If you love cooking, you can share the latest recipes and meal ideas that you think would appeal to other home chefs. The best way to find out and to know what your following wants is to ask them. You can do this by adding polls to your posts and asking them to vote on which posts they like best. Once you have some decent amount of following, you can approach brands and ask to be featured as a sponsored blogger. Being an influencer on Pinterest is a great money-making opportunity and can be a lot of fun too.

Grow an Audience for Selling Artwork

If you love to create art and design, you can turn your work into a money-making opportunity on Pinterest. Whether you specialize in fashion illustrations, digital art or watercolors, you can build a following on Pinterest and then approach art galleries, retailers or other companies with your work. You may not be able to make a full-time income with this method, but it can be a nice little side hustle that brings in a little extra cash. You can also sell your work on websites like Etsy if you want to get more exposure. Growing an audience on Pinterest can take time, but it’s a great way to monetize your artistic side and earn some money while you’re at it.

Write an eBook

If you have a background in fashion and design, you may want to consider writing an eBook. You can write about a specific trend, how to shop for specific types of clothing or maybe even maintain a blog and then compile your best posts into one easy-to-read guide. You can then offer this eBook for sale on platforms like Amazon or iBooks and then promote it on social media, or you can promote it on Pinterest and share the link on your account. One of the best things about writing an eBook is that once it’s done, it’s done! You can republish it as many times as you want, and you can also use it to build an audience and make more money.

Partner with Brands

If you’re an influencer or have an engaged following on Pinterest, you may want to consider partnering with brands. This is yet another great way to make money with Pinterest, and you can get your products in front of a new audience at the same time. Simply find brands in your niche that you would like to partner with and pitch them.

Be sure to follow their guidelines and make a compelling case for why they should choose you. If you have a larger following on Pinterest, brands will be more likely to partner with you since you’ll be bringing them new customers. If a brand likes your pitch and wants to partner with you, be sure to follow their guidelines and promote their products in a way that is authentic to you. You can also try to find companies that want to sell their products on Pinterest and reach out to them to see if they’re looking for influencers.

Sell Pinterest Templates

If you’re a web designer or are interested in creating website templates, you can sell them on sites like Creative Market (which also happens to be a great place to promote your fashion blog). If you specialize in designing templates for Pinterest, you can reach a targeted audience and make money with Pinterest at the same time. It’s a somewhat good idea to create different templates that appeal to different audiences, so you can target multiple groups of Pinterest users. Once you’ve created your templates, promote them on social media and through blog posts. You can also reach out to fashion bloggers and influencers and see if they’d be interested in purchasing your templates. Selling templates is a great way to make money while you sleep, and you can create as many templates as you want depending on your schedule.

Offer Pinterest Consulting Services

If you have a background in fashion, blogging or marketing, you may want to consider offering Pinterest consulting services. There are indeed a ton of people out there that need help with setting up their Pinterest account but don’t know where to begin. You can offer your skills and services on websites like Upwork, or you can create your own website and post your services there. Be sure to set your rates based on experience and skill level and emphasize your past successes with Pinterest. If you have worked in marketing or fashion and have experience with Pinterest, this is a great service to offer. It can be done remotely, and you can set your own hours. The best part is that once you have set up one client, you can usually transfer their account to someone else and start working with new people! 

Another great benefit to this type of business is that it doesn’t require you to be in one location. You can set up your shop wherever you want to, whether it’s in your own home or somewhere else in the world. This is a great option for all the people that want to be their own bosses but don’t know how to start a traditional business. You can also mix and match these ideas to come up with your own business idea.

Final Words

Pinterest is an amazing social media platform that can help you connect with your customers, find new products and grow your brand. It’s free to use and easy to set up, and you can use it to promote your products and grow your audience. The only thing that’s really standing in your way is the lack of income generated from Pinterest. But, there are infinite ways on how you can make money on Pinterest.

If you love researching trends and fashion, you can make money with Pinterest by promoting brands and products. You can also promote your own brand and become an influencer. If you like to cook, you can create recipes and sell them on Pinterest or through a web server like iBooks. You can also create clothing designs and sell them on Etsy, or you can even create templates and sell them through Creative Market. If you have a good eye for photography, you can create and sell templates that feature your work. You can also manufacture and sell your own set of Photoshop actions or other digital tools that you can use to edit images.

You can also make money with Pinterest by becoming an affiliate marketer. This means that when you meet a person who is interested in your product on Pinterest, you can link them to your website via a special code known as a Pinterest Pin It button. When this person clicks on your link and buys your product, you get a referral fee from the retailer. Not only is Pinterest an awesome way to engage with your audience and make money, it’s also a great place just to spend your time on.