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Best DIY Ideas for Your Living Room

The living room is usually the place where people spend most of their time. It’s also a place where your guests come to join you for a coffee or something. Having that in mind, it makes sense to make your living room the most enjoyable place in the house. You want to make everyone feel pleasant and comfortable. It also makes sense to have a ton of light in your living room as well. But what else should you do to make it the most pleasant as it can be? Here are a few ideas:

Fake Flowers

Someone might ask, why not get some real flowers? But we’ll get to that one as well. We want to make it more colorful and add more details. And fake flowers can make that a reality because they are very affordable. Not to mention that you won’t have any obligations when it comes to them. But you should take some dust off occasionally. Some people even like to have some fake fruit with them as well. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to your taste and what you want to have in your living room.


Pillowcases are one of the favorite things of your guests. Everyone loves them as much as they love pillows. It has a lounge and relaxing effect when you have a stylish piece of furniture that holds all the pillows. Especially if the pillows are colorful and they have a variety of them to choose from. It’s a nice thing to have as a decoration as well. It never looks messy and you don’t have to do much there. You do have to shake the dust out of your pillows occasionally, but that’s pretty much all the work.

Colorful Flower Pots

Going back to real flowers. Of course, you want to make your living room smell nice as well. You can use some flowers, but also some interesting herbs. There is a variety of plants that are healthy to have in your space to make it more colorful. They are usually very affordable and all you have to do is to add some water occasionally. But that’s not the only thing you can do to make everything more colorful. You can get some paint and add more colors to your flowerpots.

This will add more life to your living room, and your plants as well. You may even find some colorful flower pots you can buy. But doing some of them on your own can sometimes be a better idea. It’s always a pleasure when you make something with your own two hands.

Magazine Cases

Here’s another case people adore. You might think that it might be a good idea for a waiting room but not for your house. But don’t think that way. They have a candy shop effect. Everyone wants to look at what kinds of magazines you have there. And it’s a nice decoration as well. All you need is a few pieces of food and some nice colorful canvas and you have your magazine case. Some people like to have them on the lower floor of their coffee table. That is ok as well. Especially if the magazines are colorful and there are many of them. But the magazine case is a better option as you can take it with you if you go to the garden as well.

Colorful Plastic Garbage Cans

Plastic garbage cans are another thing people like having in their homes. There are a ton of different shapes and colors in stores like IKEA. People love having them because they serve their purpose and they look good wherever you put them. Now, of course, some people don’t want to have a garbage can in their living room. But there’s nothing wrong to use them as a box for toys. You can even use some coffee cans or any other can that you have that you don’t use. All you need is some paint to decorate them and they look wonderful. But of course, if you have children, you need to be careful with that. You don’t want anyone getting hurt.

Messages and Affirmations

This is one of the favorite decorations of many people. Everyone loves having messages and affirmations around the house. Some people love writing them down on sticky notes and having them on the fridge and other objects. While some people love having them on many different objects around the house. Even the smallest ones like coffee cups and tea mugs. It’s an interesting idea some people have to write daily affirmations on coffee cups. It makes the coffee more interesting and it starts with positivity. That’s a great way to decorate with purpose.

Some people even like to make a nice design and hang it as a picture. It’s another great way to be surrounded by positivity all around the house. You can even get some nice pens and decorate small stones you can put inside the flowerpots. You can write a few daily reminders and positive messages on them as well. You have a variety of options on what you can do.

Wooden Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are becoming more and more popular. If you look at places like Etsy or similar ones, there are a ton of DIY coffee tables and chairs. They are all selling well because people love having them. You can use them wherever you want and they are easy to move around. If you have a few pieces of wood, you can make one yourself. There’s nothing too complicated about it. And you can decorate it the way you want to as well. Adding some paint can add up to the entire interior. Just be playful and creative and see what comes out of it. If nothing works out, you can always buy one.

Colorful Jars with Candles or Flowers

There are a couple of great ideas you can find on social media websites like Pinterest. There are a lot of them that include jars that you can use creatively. You can paint them and add decorations, or you can find some colorful ones. You can use them to hold candles and other kinds of lights inside of them. That can be a nice decoration for the nighttime and the holidays. Some people like using them to plant seeds as well. You can plant some small flowers or some herbs that will make the air fresh and pleasant. These herbs can be used to make some tea and some spices later on.

Painted Wallpapers in Different Shapes

Using paint to create interesting wallpapers is something that is becoming more popular. There are a ton of ideas on where you can do that in your house. You can do it behind your TV to make an interesting effect while you’re watching a movie. And you can also do it in places where you hold your lamps and other kinds of lights. That will make the light more effective and interesting. It’s a nice and cheap way to decorate your house and make it look more colorful. And if you make a mistake, you can always paint something else over that. So it’s risk-free as well.

Knitted Blankets

Knitted blankets are something a lot of people love to have on the couch. Some people use them for decoration, while others like to use them as well. They are nice to have as they add up to the interior. And it’s good to have some interesting objects on the sofa. They are not hard to find and they can sometimes be very affordable. But they can also be very expensive if you’re looking for real merino wool. So it all depends on what you’re looking for.

The cheapest and the most creative option is to make them by yourself. And you can learn how to do that on websites like Skillshare. It’s not that hard to learn, and it’s much easier than knitting clothes. If that’s something that relaxes you, even better. Take your time and enjoy your knitting.

Shelves with Books

Books are always a good idea when it comes to interior design. And if you’re a book-lover, that won’t be hard to do. You probably have a ton of books already. They are nice to have on shelves around the house. Especially in the living room. They will make the place more colorful and they will remind you to read whenever you look at them. So you have a double effect by doing it. And you can make some simple shelves by using a few pieces of wood and a few nails.

LED Lights Behind Objects

LED lights are probably one of the most trending decorations in the last couple of years. That’s because they look good anywhere and they are very affordable. And the best place to have them is behind objects. You can put them behind your TV so it makes a nice effect when you’re watching a movie. You can also put them under the table or behind the mirror. You can check out social media to find some ideas as there are more and more people using them.

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