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How To Make Money Online As A Gamer

Becoming A Professional Gamer

Another approach to make money gaming is to become a pro gamer on the world stage if you believe you have the skills. This is one of the most difficult and competitive methods to make money playing video games unless you’re really competent or spend a lot of time playing to master a game. You are in a decent position to earn quite a high income if your game is fun and engaging.

In fact, it would be an incredible accomplishment to have a career in gaming with a very high salary. So, for this you must go the extra step and make sure you are well versed with the game you want to excel at.

These days I like to invest in some quality video game franchises to try out, especially when it comes to popular games like Call of Duty and Halo. I’ve played these games for years and have always enjoyed my experience playing them. It’s not easy to win a competitive career playing games.


Communities form around video games, and they can be highly active – and competitive. Competitiveness breeds tournaments, and tournaments breed awards. It’s not the same as having a stable salary, but if you have the perseverance to participate in continuing tournaments, the rewards may be rather substantial.

If you’ve ever played a card game, you know how to play against the best, in your local region. But for many gamers, that’s about to change. New tournaments are opening up in every corner of the globe. You may have heard of some of them: tournaments based on video game personalities, competitions with real-life video gamers.

The tournaments may not be the most competitive, at least in the beginning, because the people who participate are not necessarily the top tier of gamers on the internet, nor are they necessarily top gamers in their local gaming community. And that can lead to all different sorts of problems.

The World of Video Game Tournaments For most of us, we have a pretty good idea of which tournaments we should be participating in, or even participating at all. We have played in them, seen some amazing games and seen how awesome they are, so we know a little about what to expect.

Let’s look at a few of these, shall we? Here are some other video-game tournament websites that might be helpful:

There are tons of different tournaments in this list, including ones with top-tier gamers that are always in high demand. Some are very exclusive, with only one player joining every round, others are much less common.

Review Video Games

You may make money as a video game reviewer if you have a wide range of interests in video games. As long as your focus is on gaming, you’ll make more money, just like any other job you pick. You may even be able to generate a higher income if your interests change.

For example, if gaming is your primary job and you play games like Overwatch, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, or Civilization , your income may increase. The best thing about this position is that you get to choose your gaming interests. This means you don’t have to be too picky on what you like. In fact, many people are actually asking for this. So, make sure you take your game interests into account. 

Think Of Becoming A Twitch Streamer 

Twitch is an Amazon-owned streaming platform where you may make money from your subscribers’ support. The majority of the streams are about video games, such as Skyrim or Fortnite. If you’re just starting out, you should consider signing up with your own Twitch account. You can find your free Twitch login at

Also, consider subscribing to their YouTube channel, if you haven’t already. They have plenty of video tutorials and guides, and there’s also a community of gamers who are willing to teach you. There are also hundreds of free channels you can sign up for at your leisure. Twitch Streams and Channels

There are a lot of interesting and different ways to earn money on Twitch. Some of them are legitimate ways, while some are scams. I am about to show you a few tips on how to make the most of your Twitch stream to generate a profit.

This guide is focused on legit ways. However, I recommend that you keep a close eye on the following types of streams: Twitch Plays YouTube games There is a growing stream of YouTube gamers on YouTube that have a Twitch channel. These gamers sell their time and make a few bucks off of what they’re able to do on their Twitch channels.

Most of these gamers have only one channel where they stream their video game play. A few of those gamers are successful, but their success is contingent on how much you give them. While a single stream can earn you a little extra money, the more you stream, they will earn.

YouTube Gaming Streamers that Make Money On YouTube Twitch Streaming The other way that gamers make their money is through Twitch Gaming. To get started, signup for a free account at Twitch and then join a channel of their choosing.

When you sign in, there are links to other Twitch users and channels that will help you get a feel for the community. It may take a quite bit of your time to get used to the new player-friendly interface, but once you do, it can be very easy to start earning on your YouTube gaming channel without any effort.

You can earn anywhere from $0.40 to $1.50 per stream, depending on what you stream and how much time you play your videos.

Become A Beta Gamer

Before being released to the wider public, every video game must undergo beta testing. This might be a fascinating and enjoyable method to increase your income. Even if you have little experience in game development, you could still get an opportunity to make money by working on a game. While not every game has the same requirements as other video games, there are certain requirements that a good game needs.

The most important thing to ensure when you are choosing a video game for beta testing is that it satisfies the requirements of what a successful game is. There are many ways to test your game, from testing in private groups to working with a friend or teammate to helping with bugs. One of these ways is to work with your local group and play a series of games.

If you feel that your video needs some improvements before you start beta testers, then you might consider helping out with some of your friends. You can become a beta tester for some games too. To become an official beta player, players will need to sign a waiver.

These are simply the rules that you need in order to get paid. Most beta players only need one type of video, or one game to run. When you become part of a group of beta gamers, all of the games will be running simultaneously and you will get a chance to play. Some games may even have a multiplayer mode in which you can play against your buddies.

For some online games you may need help with testing , such as on Xbox Live. Other games might require a lot of time and effort from you and others, but might end up getting into beta mode without you knowing.

Video Game Coaching

You can always offer a service as a video game coach if you know your favorite game through and out and have even participated in a tournament or two? You can even offer a free training session so people can get to know you. Even if your main job is to coach a team, you could find something to keep you busy.

You could teach a friend or even yourself. If you have a passion for video games you can make a lot of money coaching video gaming, as well as other games. Don’t go it alone. Go with a coach that has experience coaching people, or a few people. Also, don ‘t be afraid to offer other forms of coaching as long as you are honest and are willing to work with others.

When a person is willing and able to put forth the effort to teach, coach, and interact with people it shows that they truly want to learn. Just remember, it takes work and time to get better at video gameplay. And it is never going to be as quick as the next person. There is a long and long list of things to improve.

Many are easy to fix and others take time and effort. It takes the commitment to understand how to play the game and then teach it to others in the hopes that everyone will have an easier time improving. So get out there, play games, teach others, make money, learn, work, pay attention, stay focused, practice, read, listen, see the positive things that others do, take the time, do the work.

This is how you will get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t work on video games coaching. Once you see what you do well and you learn how others are doing this is when you decide if it would be a good fit for you to do it. Don’t do this just for the money!